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With the end to most hostilities the people of Khorvaire turned their full attention to raiding and plundering Xen’drik. Many cities now sport actual ruins and structures brought back from the desolate continent. Others just kind of fake it and make their own.

As far as anyone can tell the Lord of Blades and his fanatic followers cause fell apart only a few years the end of the Last War. the insane warforged was destroyed by an exploding final messenger. It was also fount that many of his loyal followers ended up being simulacra of himself.

Elemental bound items and items are more widespread. Other means of magical power have been found to work just as well or better in some cases as well.

The Island prison of Dreadhold was shut down years ago.

The Dragonmarked houses don’t hold any where near the power they used to.

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Main Page

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