ONI Invasion

Beginning of the End

On this fateful evening the PCs (Duranin, Idwal, and Mordecai) stopped at one of the nicer market platforms in Cliffside to grab a bite to eat from Hadli’s Flying Food Cart. The night was clear, which is a rare thing in Sharn, and many of Eberron’s moons could be seen. A foul and evil wind started stirring and then all magic and magic items stopped functioning. Elementals pulled themselves free of the weapons and armor being sold by a small group of dwarves and the PCs fought to keep the angry elementals from tearing into bystanders.

A small group of the city watch was present as well, but the watch captain attempted to flee at the first sign of trouble while his subordinates charged in to help people.

We bring the first session to a close just as the platform rumbles and an insane water elemental bound to the cliff-side structures erupts out of the Fountain to lay waste to whatever and whoever is within reach

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